You can do all of this

Earn money on all transactions

Avoid hiring external payment partners. You can now make money on the transactions of your e-commerce retailers, and you yourself can decide the price.

Subscription payments

Enable the customers to register a payment card, so that they can shop with just one click. This is perfect for e-commerce retailers that sell subscription solutions, charity organisations and everyone who wants to make life easier for their regular customers.

Your domain name throughout the flow

Choose between providing exposure for your own brand and the brand of your e-commerce retailer in the domain name throughout the payment flow. This reassures customers.

Improve the conversion rate

If you design the payment flow correctly, you can help your e-commerce retailers to attract more customers. We adapt the appearance of the page based on your customer’s wishes.

Quick payment by e-mail and text

Your e-commerce retailers can easily send emails and text messages to their customers with a link to the payment page. This is perfect for sending offers and payment reminders.

Flexible invoice payment

We work with our partners to offer the most flexible and effective invoice services in the market. We design the invoice based on the wishes of the e-commerce retailer to make sure the final consumer recognizes the company.

Supports all payment methods

YourPSP™ can be used with all kinds of e-commerce platforms. The system supports all payment methods, allowing the final consumer to choose which is best for them. It is important to give consumers a choice, as they rarely want to feel forced to use a specific payment method.

This basically means that if you have an e-commerce platform, you avoid dealing with the extensive process involved in PCI-DSS level 1 certification for PSPs.

More purchases with a unique and responsive checkout

You can help your customers improve their conversion rate. The appearance of the checkout is adapted based on your customer’s wishes and we offer solutions that enable as few clicks as possible. This generates more purchases and the consumer feels reassured throughout the process. This flexible design naturally works in all applications.

If you want to provide a new service for your customers, we are more than happy to help you implement it.

  • Provide exposure for your brand or your e-commerce retailer’s brand
  • Own adaptations improve conversion
  • Responsive checkout



Subscription payments ensure regular customers

Shopping on the Internet should be easy. One way of achieving this is by offering your e-commerce retailers a subscription payment service. This means that consumers register their payment card with 3-D Secure when they make their first purchase. They can make all subsequent purchases with just one click. This is perfect for people who often shop in the same e-store, who want to send money from time to time, or who want to make regular subscription payments.

All sensitive card data is handled by us and can never be seen by the e-commerce retailer. Simple, quick and guaranteed security.

  • Quick purchases with a saved payment card
  • Donations
  • Microtransactions
  • Subscriptions


Quick payment by e-mail and text

An e-commerce retailer can easily send offers or payment reminders to its customers by email or text. By including a link, customers can go direct to the payment page and choose from the payment methods available for the online store. When the customer has made their payment, a message is sent to the e-commerce retailer.

This service can also be used for back orders. The consumer receives an email or a text saying that the product is now in stock. By clicking the link, the customer can complete the purchase.


  • Highest security level for card payments, PCI DSS, level 1
  • Licensed for 3-D Secure (MC SecureCode and Verified by Visa)
  • Integrated tools to prevent fraud


  • One link provides access to all payment methods (the options currently available are payment by card, invoice, direct bank, subscription and mobiles, swish, as well as direct debit payments)
  • View all transactions of the e-commerce retailers (except card data)
  • Add new customers and stores
  • Both the e-commerce platform and the e-commerce retailer can be administrators who are authorised to make changes in the system


  • The payment flow can be designed with your own logo, text and colour
  • Reports can be produced and integration can be carried out based on specific needs
  • Agreement and charging model based on individual situations
  • Communication between the online stores and payment service providers through an HTTPS-based API