Integration methods

Json calls over https to the PAX device (this may require that D2I enables this feature on your PAX terminal).

  • Easy
  • Quick

 Create a custom Java application that can be uploaded to the PAX terminal. This requires you to install, code, and compile your custom Java application to make payments through the PAX. Contact D2I for SDK API and information on how to configure your PAX for testing and installing the application on a live system.

  • Allows running parts of your payment system on PAX possibly removing the need of additional devices
  • Allows customisation of all steps in the user buyer experience
  • Use a single PAX for payments in exotic environments, for instance unattended shopping

Quick start guide JSON/HTTPS

  1. Set PAX terminal in Pair mode by selecting Pair mode in the Pax Terminal (contact D2I if pair mode is not enabled)
  2. Call PAX terminal using for instance using curl
    curl -X 'GET' 'https://yourpaxip/pair?pairingCode=yourpaircodevisibleonpaxterminal&tid=yourtid' -H 'accept: application/json'
  3. You are now ready to send payments to PAX terminal using calls as shown in example below
    curl -X 'POST' \
      'https://yourpaxip/1.0.0/transaction?tid=yourtid&silent=false' \
      -H 'accept: application/json' \
      -H 'Authorization: (code from pair call) Bearer 4428001700710522' \
      -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
      -d '{
      "transType": "SALE",
      "amountTrans": 100,
      "amountGratuity": 100,
      "amountCashback": 100,
      "reference": "TEST CARD",
      "language": "se",
      "uti": "REVERSALS ONLY - 5594801e-a3e5-da11-8b4600065b3e6c8d"

Links to full PAX documentation JSON/HTTPS API

PAX Swagger API (the basic PAX API)

PAX Swagger page (use this to export and download the API documentation)